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Galapagos Frequently Asked Questions

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Ecuador can be visited all year round, the weather remains much the same with small regional variations. Warmest and driest months are from June to September. In the Galapagos December to May is usually hot with intermittent rain, temperatures ranging between 24◦C and 28◦C. Temperatures from June to November range between 18◦C and 20◦C and is often grey and overcast.

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Ecuador – Quito
Galapagos – Puerto Baquerizo Moreno


Official language is Spanish. Ecuadorians in much of the Andean and some Amazon regions speak Quechua.


US Dollars


Ecuador is 5 hrs behind GMT. Galapagos is 6 hrs behind.


Not required for UK passport holders


16½ hrs – usually fly into Quito, Ecuador. Flights to the Galapagos start in Quito and touchdown in Guayaquil en route.

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