Explorer Expeditions is part of Explorer Travel Lounge. Expeditions and Adventure travel is a real specialism of our company. We have been hooked on wildlife holidays and travelling to out of the way destinations since 2006 when we first set up our travel business. As well as being passionate about wildlife and conservation we promote resorts and destinations that are committed to sustainability and Fairtrade to ensure that local communities benefit direct from tourism.
Chrissi has had the privilege of journeying to many of the locations that we feature and is able to share her knowledge and love for adventure with you. Her personal highlights include witnessing the rare spirit bears in Canada; the fascinating wildlife of the Galapagos; the ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands; Arctic cruising and staying in the snow hotel in Kirkenes;Vietnam and Cambodia; Borneo; African safaris; Cape Horn and Chile and seeing the chimps and gorillas in Uganda.
We welcome you to visit us at our travel agency, set in beautiful surrounds of rural Hampshire. Please contact us to arrange a time that is convenient to you. If you want to talk about turning your travel dreams into reality let us help you discover our amazing planet with its stunning wildlife, scenery and local cultures.

To contact us email Chrissi.knights@explorerexpeditions.co.uk or ring 02380 733073.

The Explorer Travel Lounge is a totally independent travel agent specialising in unique and high quality travel around the world. It is our intimate knowledge and independence that allows us to find the perfect trip for you whatever your budget and whatever your interests.

Tel 02380 733073

Our usual hours of Business are Monday – Thursday 1000 – 1900 (excludes Public Holidays) and weekends 1130 – 1730