Galapagos Islands

Galapagos_TurtleYour choice of cruise may depend on which of the 24 Galápagos Islands you want to visit. The larger Galápagos ships such as the Celebrity Xpedition and the Galápagos Explorer II are generally more stable and able to sail further to some of the outlying islands.

On every cruise you will make two or three landings a day and on the larger ships there is a choice of activity levels and locations.

You will usually start and finish your cruise in Baltra. Below is a small selection of the islands you will can visit.



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Isabela Island

The largest and one of the youngest Galápagos Islands formed  by a merger of 6 volcanoes on the western edge of the archipelago. Isabela is famous for the Darwin tortoise breeding centre.  Zodiacs take visitors to Elizabeth Bay Marine Centre to see Galápagos penguins, rays, sea lions and turtles. Journey to the crater of Sierra Negra Volcano on horseback or on foot, or simply choose to relax on the long white sandy beaches of Puerto Vilami.


This southernmost island of the Galápagos and is teeming with wildlife. Explore the nesting site of the waved albatross with their wing span of 2.5 meters at Punta Suarez. Walk through the nesting sites of the blue-footed boobie. Hike along the cliff and spot blow holes. At Gardener Bay you can swim and snorkel or just wander along the white sand beach.


This small Galápagos Island has a Mars like landscape and sometimes considered a photographer’s dream. Here you will hike up 379 steps to the lookout on Bartalomé’s volcano. Your will see the Pinnacle rock and views across to Santiago Island. Beneath the Pinnacle Rock you will be able to snorkel with the Galápagos penguins.

Santa Cruz

This island is the most populated in the Galápagos. Here you will visit Charles Darwin Research Centre and see the famous giant tortoise, Lonesome George. On Santa Cruz you will walk through the lava tubes and see giant tortoises roaming the lush landscape.


is the most pristine island in the Galápagos. You will hike to Punta Espinoza to see flightless cormorants. On Fernandina you will also see marine iguana and sea lion colonies. You may also watch whales, orcas and dolphins in the channel between Fernandina and Isabela.

San Cristóbel

The oldest island in the Galápagos and where you will find Kicker Rock, the 146 meter rock jutting out of the sea. In a small boat you can pass through the split in the rock. At Puerto Baquerizo you will visit the Interpretation Centre

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